• Core Java and SDK
  • Eclipse and NetBeans development of Plug-ins
  • Enterprise Java & J2EE
  • MVC 2, Struts, Spring, Velocity, and Hibernate Frameworks
  • Swing based application development
  • Websphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, and ATG Application Servers
  • Oracle & TIBCO JMS
  • Java Network APIs
  • Java Game Development Toolkit
  • Java application tuning, scaling, and performance benchmarks
  • Application Migration to Java Domain and Framework


  • MS .NET Framework, Web, Client, and Mobile Custom Application Development using, Visual C and Visual C#
  • Test Professional, Team Foundation, and Team Explorer Tools
  • MS Azure Development using Cloud Computing Model and Windows Live
  • MS Dynamics ERP and CRM
  • MS Silverlight Development
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services (MOSS) and custom workflow development
  • Microsoft BPOS Implementation and Support
  • Microsoft Forefront, business ready security solution

Network Technology

  • Network Services, Systems Management and Information Security
  • Database, Email, Firewall and Application Servers
  • Enterprise Tape Storage Strategies and Solutions
  • Exchange Enterprise Email System Deployment and Conversions
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with Active Directory
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Switching and Routing
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • WAN Infrastructure
  • Intrusion Detection

Web Technology

  • Linux, RedHat
  • NCSA, CERN or Apache
  • Sendmail & Qmail Installations & upgrades
  • Sendmail/Qmail security and relay support
  • Virtual POP/Mail configuration
  • ORBS Anti-Relay repair & Upgrades
  • SPEWS, OsirusSoft resolution
  • Configuration file ( rebuilds
  • Sendmail security Enhancements and patches
  • Virtual E-Mail domain setup and configurations
  • SMTP, UUCP, POP, MS Mail, IMAP Gateway
  • Anti-Spam & Anti Relay Enhancements
  • TCP Wrapper & Firewall Mail integration
  • mySQL enabled server extensions
  • PHP3/PHP4/Zend Apache modules
  • Microsoft FrontPage server extensions
  • SSL Secure server
  • Confure additional virtual domains
  • CGI-SSI server side integration
  • Remote Management of dedicated servers


  • Oracle 11i implementations
  • Migrations 10.x -> 11i
  • Correction of failed implementations
  • Oracle Applications support and maintenance services


  • SAP MM
  • SAP HR
  • SAP SD
  • SAP MM
  • SAP AR

Embedded Software

  • Porting the operating system to new SoC architecture
  • Kernel optimization for new SoC architecture
  • Device driver development
  • Embedded application development
  • Microprocessor architecture expertise: Arm, MIPS, Intel Atom, ..
  • Embedded OS expertise: Google Android, Moblin, OpenMoko, busybox

Data Center

  • Data Center Planning & Pre-Design
  • Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis
  • Data Center Feasibility Studies & Project Cost Budgeting
  • Data Center Availability & Risk Assessment
  • Data Center Site Selection
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Relocation Evaluation & Planning
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Data Center Facility Business Strategy Consulting
  • Data Center Virtualization Strategies & Assessments
  • Data Center Relocation Evaluation & Planning
  • Data Center Server Planning & Feasibility
  • Data Center Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Protection Planning & Feasibility

Our areas of expertise include:

Architecture and Design

  • Architectural specification & Modeling
  • Micro-architecture design
  • RTL coding
  • Design Partitioning and implementation
  • Model Development for simulation
  • Synthesis and chip integration
  • Formal verification
  • Static-timing analysis

Design Verification

  • Test plan development
  • Verification, Test & Regression environment setup
  • Directed test generation
  • Directed and focused Random test generation
  • Model Development for simulation
  • Functional & Code Coverage Analysis
  • Gate Level Verification with and without timing
  • Test Vector Generation

Design Methodology & Flow

  • Design Methodology Consulting
  • EDA Tools Flow Setup
  • SoC Design Flow setup
  • IP Vendor Qualification

Physical Design & Verification

  • Physical synthesis
  • Hierarchical floor planning and design partitioning
  • Directed test generation
  • Place & Route
  • Physical optimization and timing closure
  • Signal and power integrity assurance
  • Physical verification (Parasitic Extraction, Post-Layout Timing Verification)

Circuit Design

  • Custom Circuit Design
  • Schematic Entry & Circuit verification
  • Cell Layout Design and Layout Verification
  • Characterization

DFT Architecture and Design

  • Design for Testability
  • Integration of Scan and BIST
  • Test vector integration and management
  • Chip-level test vector derivation
  • Scan - Full, partial and boundary
  • Logic and memory BIST
  • Automated test pattern generation
  • Fault grading of functional vectors

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Testing Services

Our testing technologies

  • Microsoft .NET Applications
  • J2EE based Application
  • Mobile and Wireless Applications
  • Open Source Applications
  • Embedded Systems Testing
  • Communication Protocols and Network Equipment Testing
  • ERP Application Testing
  • Client/Server Application Testing
  • Cloud/SaaS Enabled Application Testing

Our QA/testing solutions

  • Test Strategy and Planning
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Application
  • Test Consulting and R&D Services
  • Performance Testing
  • Browser and System Compatibility Matrix
  • 24x7 Test Execution
  • Device Testing
  • Locale Testing
  • Security Testing

Our Methodology entails following

  • Understanding of client specific requirements
  • Domain knowledge acquisition, transition, and documentation
  • Infrastructure Setup and QA resource allocation
  • SLA Definition and change management approach
  • Testbench setup
  • Matrix collection, reporting, and fine tuning overall QA process

Some of the tools we use for testing, but not limited by them

  • QTP, Winrunner, and Loadrunner from HP
  • SilkTest and SilkRunner from Borland
  • Visual Studio Team Test Edition from Microsoft
  • Selenium IDE and Runner using languages such as Ruby, Perl, and Python
  • Load testing tools like openSTA, http-load, QALoad, SilkPerformer, LoadRunner, WebLoad, and more
  • Data Networking and Communication Protocol testing using Tcl/Tk and Perl
  • Using traffic generators like Ixia and Spirent
  • Bug reporting tools such as Jira, BugZilla, ClearQuest, ClearDDTS, Defect Tracker, elementool, FogBUGZ, Mantis, SilkCentral, TeamTrack, TrackRecord and more
  • For Java testing tools/frameworks like JUnit, JProfiler, TestNG, JTestCase, Jameleon, UISpec4J, JTR, Ejb3Unit, SpringUnit, SelAid, JunitPerf, The Grinder, jMock, TagUnit, Lint4j, Cactus, and more
  • Some other tools such as WebRat (Ruby based), Fiddler, FireBug, Cucumber, LinkTiger, HTML Validator, Purifier, LinkLint, jQuery, Tellurium, SlimDog, Celerity, Watij, Watir, HttpUnit, Snort, PerimeterCheck, AppScan, NETIQ and more.